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25+ Years of Expierience


"I do what I do because I love it. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop. I embrace the nerd. I like to make the auto collision repair industry a better place. Hopefully we cross paths in the real world someday and we can make it a better place together."

Founder & CEO

"I love cracking the whip in this male dominated industry. I'm really big on culture and enjoy seeing different cultures come into to shop and learning about each one. If you need to learn any skills at cracking the whip or have any need for auto collision repair work, please reach out to me"

Chief Hug Officer

"Hi! I'm Rupert. They put me in charge of security so I'll bark at the birds and scare away a few stray cats. I'm pretty good at it. But, I especially enjoy greeting people and letting them pet me. Oh, I especially like it when they give me people food YUM! YUM!"

Head of Security

"I had a passion for auto collision work since I was a kid. I remember working on my first car and seeing how it would come in damaged and look like new when it would leave the shop. I loved auto body work so much that I went to Art school where it taught me to see auto body repair work as a piece of art rather than a chunk of steel. Other than that, I enjoy going hunting and playing with my children"

Auto Collision Repair Artist

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